David Alan Harris: Dance Background

Dance is crafted of more than bodies moving;
it is a full embodiment of human spirit.

David Alan Harris enjoyed a dance career in New York from 1982, when he assumed an active role in the community activist organization Dancers for Disarmament, to 1998, when he first made the decision to become a dance/movement therapist. In the interim he created more than 20 original dances.

David first performed as a dancer in 1982 in LOST AND FOUND by Bessie Award-winning artist John Bernd, with whom he was privileged to dance at PS 1, the Danspace Project at Saint Mark’s Church, Dance Theater Workshop, and elsewhere. David performed as well at Washington DC’s Kennedy Center, the Spoleto Festival (USA), the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, and numerous New York venues—in works by Johanna Boyce, Yoshiko Chuma, Tim Miller, Meredith Monk, Stephen Petronio, Harry Whitaker Sheppard, RoseAnne Spradlin and others. David facilitated performance/ choreography workshops for The Field, and moderated annual Bodywork Summits in 1990 and 1992 for Movement Research. Profoundly influenced by training with such master teachers as Jeremy Nelson, Stephen Petronio, Vicky Shick, and Joan Skinner, he studied Klein technique for over a decade with Barbara Mahler and Susan Klein.

Chronology of Dances Choreographed by David Alan Harris

AND SHE’S LIKE, ‘OPENING DAY’. Dancing in the Streets at Wave Hill, The Bronx. July 1998. Performers: Children from the Riverdale Neighborhood House.

YOUR MOTHER’S BACK. Joyce Soho. April 1998. Performers: David Alan Harris (DAH), Ashleigh Leite, Le Minh Tam, Meg Wolfe.

FUNDAMENTALS OF LITHOGRAPHY. Joyce Soho. April 1998. Performer: DAH.

INTO HER OWN. Danspace Project at Saint Mark’s Church. October 1996. Part I, Murmur: murmuring and Part II, Little Oblivion. Performers: Aaron T.K. Carter, Nicholas Evans, Ori Flomin, Steven Fetherhuff, Christopher Gates, DAH, Ted Johnson, Anthony Phillips, Vicky Shick.

DEFOLIANT. Movement Research at the Judson Church. April 1996. Performer: DAH.

MURMUR: MURMURING. Movement Research at the Judson Church. April 1996. “Performance Mix” at Dia Center for the Arts. March 1996. Performers: DAH, Vicky Shick.

MEG MIELOTT TUDOD / BEFORE YOU KNOW. Mu Szinház. October 1995. Performers: DAH, Juliette Mapp.

THIS METASTASIZED JEREMIAD. Dance of Life Center of Taos, New Mexico. May 1994. Performers: Tracy Collins, DAH.

CLOSER THAN HOME: A Dance Suite in Four Parts. Dance Theater Workshop. June1992. Performers: Giovanna Agostini, Eric Bradley, Julie Carr, William Catanzaro, DAH, Ted Johnson, Jonathan Kinzel, Patricia McCarthy, Douglas Ordoňez, Anthony Phillips, Lauren Shaw, Gabriela Simón.

[RE:COVERING] THE WATERTABLE DEPOSITIONS. Gowanus Arts Exchange. April 1993. Performers: Giovanna Agostini, DAH, Ted Johnson.

DADDY LARGESS. Brooklyn Academy of Music: Lepercq Space. February 1994. Performers: Larry Hahn, Ted Johnson. Danspace Project at Saint Mark’s Church. September and November 1991. Performers: DAH, Ted Johnson.

WHERE BLOOD BEGAN, LUCIA. PS 122. March 1991. “New Terrorities” at BACA Downtown. May 1991. Performers: Giovanna Agostini, Julie Carr, Lauren Shaw, Irene Siegel, Gabriel Simón.

ALMOST TADZIO/OVERBITE ALARM. DIA Center for the Arts. February 1991. Performer: DAH.

FLAMING TABERNACLE OF THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS. “Performance Mix” at DIA Center for the Arts. December 1990. BACA Downtown. January 1991. Performers: DAH, Ted Johnson, Jeffrey Werbylo.

BONE, BURNED, ABANDON. Brooklyn Academy of Music: Lepercq Space. February 1994. Performers: Ted Johnson, Jonathan Kinzel, Douglas Ordoňez, Anthony Phillips, Michael Whaites. Saint Ann’s Church. Commissioned by the Brooklyn Dance Consortium. Performers: Phillip Adams, David Dinolfo, Ted Johnson, Joshua Walden, David Zambrano.

KEEPING HIS BROTHER’S WORD. Movement Research. June 1989. Performers: Eva Gueuke, Livia París.

GUARD: SON OF DOG DAWG. PS 1 [Project Studios One]. July 1988. “Bare Bones Dancing” commission by PS 1. Performers: Ben Davidson, Eva Geueke, DAH, Jose Navas.

UNEASY VIRTUE. Danspace Project at Saint Mark’s Church. May 1987. Gowanus Arts Exchange. March 1990. Performers: DAH, Scott Smith.

TO THE GREEN LIGHT DISTRICT. PS 122. October 1986. “Hothouse” collaboration by performers: DAH, Tim Miller.

SEVEN THINGS ABOUT UNCLE HOWARD. “Artists Call” Benefit at Taller Latinoamericano. January 1984. Performers: Dan Froot, DAH, Carol McDowell.

SCARIFICATIONS: TEN ALLU5ION5 TO THOMAS. Danspace Project at Saint Mark’s Church. July 1983. Performers: Donald Fleming, DAH.